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 How do you choose qualified Royal Jelly products?

What is royal jelly?

Often known a bees’ "milk", royal jelly is the concentrated super food responsible for turning an ordinary worker bee into a Queen Bee. 50% larger than worker bees, she lives 4 to 5 years, compared to other bees that only live through one season.

Why is royal jelly important to health of human being?

Royal Jelly (along with bee pollen, propolis and honey) contains a natural source of nutrients which the body needs to maintain good health. Maintaining good health is especially hard in today’s increasingly toxic environment. Both our food supply and our diet are often deficient in important nutrients. Therefore, we need to supplement our diet with products such as royal jelly and the other products of the beehive.

The main actions of freeze-drying Royal Jelly are same as fresh royal jelly.
      For example:
      1: promote metabolism, and strengthen organic functions.
      2: lower cholesterol, stimulate myocardium, and accelerate blood circulation.
      3: regulate enzymatic secretions of endocrine glands, and ease internal digestion.
      4: speed up the works of fats, protein, saccharine metabolism and internal absorption. 

Fresh vs. Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly, what is the difference, which is best?

Fresh liquid royal jelly contains approximately 67% water and must be kept refrigerated or frozen. Like any other product containing that amount of water, it is perishable and has a shelf life of about one year if refrigerated

Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilizing, is a dehydration process which removes the water from a substance by exposure to dry, freezing air. No heat or chemicals are involved. Lyophilized royal jelly is a freeze-dried powder in which all the nutrients of fresh royal jelly are still present. In this state it can be stored at room temperature and thus has more uses and a longer shelf life. It is widely available in tablet form or capsules. It can be stored more easily than fresh royal jelly. Different kind of lyophilized royal jelly powder such as Deproteinized and water-soluble lyophilized royal jelly powder, Lyophilized queen larva powder and Drone pupa can be developed depending on customer's requirement.

Deproteinized and water-soluble lyophilized royal jelly powder was developed according some customer's requirement. It is separated protein and water away from royal jelly, but doesn't affect other effective composition. This kind of technology is the first in domestic. Generally it was applied to health drink. It can make health drink with royal jelly composition but no suspension.

Queen larva is a by-product of royal jelly. In the process of producing royal jelly, when taking royal jelly, we have to pick out the queen larva. It was developed as a regular bee product after people realized its nutritional function. The quantity of queen larva is smaller than royal jelly and it is so hard to be kept as fresh food.

Queen larva has a great deal of nutrition. It'll die at once in normal temperature. Its body will change to be black color and easy to be rotten. So Hangzhou Tiandi Health Products Co., Ltd. sent freezer to beekeeper to guarantee the fresh and active degree. It's effective in quality control. We process queen larva by lyophilized technology. After lyophilizing (freeze-drying), it became easy to store. We generally make it powder because powder can used to be raw material in making tablet and capsule.

Drone pupa is a kind of nutriment. It comes from drone larva after covering cell and before eclosion. In normal condition, drone appears in bee's fecund season. As queen can control egg's type according the size of cell, we can put drone honeycomb in colony. then worker bees will make cells on. Queen lays drone eggs in the cells. We usually pick up the pupa at the Twelfth Day.
The nutrition of drone pupa does not lower than bee pollen. Especially its vitamin A content is much more than beef, its protein is only lower than cod-liver oil; its vitamin D is 10 times than cod-liver oil.
Drone pupa not only is a kind of food but also is a health product. Its most important function is old-resistance. Same as queen larva, our company sent freezer to beekeeper to guarantee the fresh and active degree. Then we process drone pupa by lyophilized technology and powder it. The powder can be used as raw material of health products. For example, pressing to be tablet, putting into capsule. The lyophilized drone pupa powder is easy to store.

How to buy qualified Royal Jelly products?

There are many companies importing bulk royal jelly products that have been capsulated, mostly from China. These products can be sold inexpensively, however, they are completely unregulated and could be harmful to your health. 

Royal Jelly is a volatile substance and it needs to be handled and processed correctly. It needs to be processed within 1/2 hours of leaving the beehive. It then needs to be checked for contaminants and potency directly before encapsulation. 

When companies import bulk, capsulated royal jelly product from China, it cannot be checked for potency and contaminants as it is already in capsule form. It is not uncommon for the product to contain much less active ingredient than is stated on the label, with the product weight made up by fillers and chemical preservatives.

That is why you should buy royal jelly products from companies whom you can trust, preferred companies that process their royal jelly locally and do so in licensed and regulated facilities, according to GMP standards to ensure all its nourishment and benefits 'locked-in' for the duration of its shelf life.

Tip: Always Insist on - No Chemicals - No Preservatives - maximum potency - maximum freshness.

Royal Jelly fill material in the clear softgel capsule is yellow giving the capsule its opaque appearance. Royal Jelly in amongst other things contains sugars and protein. The capsule shell also contains protein. Over time a natural reaction occurs between the protein (amines) and the sugars of the Royal Jelly as well as between the protein of capsule shell and the sugars of the Royal Jelly. This reaction leads to the “browning” of both the Royal Jelly and capsule shell leading to a capsule which appears brown rather than its original opaque yellow. This is a natural reaction which manifesting itself visually. No loss of potency or quality results.

Refer--Organic Nature Brand Royal Jelly 1000mg Capsules.

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